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Aerial Yoga - flowing by flying

This is a post about a certain yoga type from a non-yogi perception. Why is this relevant?

Well, because this is an introduction to your future (maybe) favorite type of yoga.

I am often very sceptical when it comes to yoga in general, as I apparently have not found my favorite type yet. Actually, I did. I love it once it's relaxing, stretching and calming. If I want my body in motion and flow I do other things.

Nevertheless, there are certain accomplishments this trend lifestyle or sport or movement, or how you want to call it, has made, which makes it quite fascinating.

See, there are hundreds of types of yoga, with different approaches, teaching styles, aims and also gadgets. With this post I want to frame a very cool type I stumbled across this year. Let's start this summer, when I met a young lady, Anni. She is an instructor for yoga, and specifically aerial yoga.

I have never heard of this before, but I tried one or two poses. And here I am, writing about an adventurous kind of yoga, which is suitable for almost everyone, who wants to start flowing.

With aerial yoga, you can train many muscles , also the ones close to your joints. It has much in common with aerial acrobatics, which some of you might know from a variety show or similar events.

One of the advantages is that even difficult yoga poses can be performed hanging in the aerial sling, a long elastic hammock. This gives release to certain joints, which would be under pressure, when performed regularly on the ground. Hanging upside down can be a relief for back pain through the decompression of the spine. Moreover, with the help of the sling one can get deeper in certain positions and stretch even further.

This might sound quite extreme, but Anni explained to me, that especially people, who have not been in touch with this type of exercising can get introduced very easily.

She herself started with pole dancing some years ago, and found her way to aerial arts and yoga, as she wanted to do something, that helps her stretch her body, can be done everywhere and isn't boring.


Nevertheless, as with everything, one has to develop a good body feeling, as this kind of activity can come with a certain risk for injuries (like any other sport). In this case you should always train both sides of your body and make sure that you don't overdo movements you aren't used to.

If you struggle with blood pressure or migraine, you might to work this out with caution, as hanging upside down might be counterproductive. The shoulders are the most charged body part, so be careful if you are prone to damages there. Other than that you only have to get used to have your feet off the ground, the swing moving with your movements and sometimes, your head upside down. Anni told me, that people get used to this very fast.

Niche community

If you are living in Southern Germany somewhere near Göppingen, you can check out Annis website and join her classes. There are teachers everywhere and the equipment for home-training is actually really affordable.

As in other yogi communities, one will find dear friends quite fast and as with all types of sports you might find yourself hanging upside down among new besties and you will flex your body together.


Cover image: Own edit with image from Pixabay

First image: from Annis Website

Second image : from Anni

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