Once upon a time…

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

…there was this girl full of stardust, full of sense, full of stories.

She would dream of a book, or a film, and or a game.

Reality caught her fast, and she was to remain part of the ordinary.

Her heart felt sadness and was never the same.

This was a great moment for a journey, she said.

Looking for this special spark in a faraway land,

Soon, she would find herself stuck in rigid quicksand.

Out of this mess, she would turn towards the sea,

So deep, so wild, she couldn´t resist

but to take a swim in the blue green waves,

on the surface tho’ she would lose sight due to impervious mist.

At least she could swim and survived the situation,

After a while she found a green island

With highlands so regal, these would be her next destination.

Out of the water onto the mountain,

Where else is the view better to search for inspiration.

The rocks were hard, the cracks were wide,

She lost her last shirt and then motivation.

Sadness turned into anger and tears would follow,

She would question everyone, but herself:

There must be relief from this unfair sorrow!

Her dreams would try to keep her,

Beyond society, science and finally serendipity, she found the light.

Because once upon a time she would not look for an answer elsewhere

But just right in her mind.

I am a storyteller, a dreamer and a believer. I want to believe that imagination is strong enough to move mountains, I want to dream of other realities and magic, and I want to tell stories no one has ever thought of, to make all of you search for your own fairytale. This is what the category “free thoughts” is made for. If you have your own story, no matter in which shape, feel free to contact me, to share it with the world.


Ich persönlich finde es schwer ein Gedicht in seiner Vollkommenheit zu übersetzen ohne den Inhalt zu ändern, Daher diesmal keine direkte Übersetzung, bis auf den letzten Abschnitt.

Ich bin eine Geschichtenerzählerin, eine Träumerin, eine Glaubende. Ich möchte daran glauben, dass unsere Vorstellungskraft Berge versetzen kann. Ich will von anderen Realitäten träumen und von Magie. Und ich möchte euch Geschichten erzählen, die keiner jemals erdacht hat, damit auch ihr euer eigenes Märchen suchen geht.

Hierfür steht die Kategorie "free thoughts". Wenn ihr selbst eine Geschichte parat habt, egal in welcher Form, traut euch und schreibt mir, um sie mit der Welt zu teilen.


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