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The art of happiness

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

What's art of happiness?

Is it a road? - Then you need a map

Is it a recipe? - Then you need some ingredients

Is it a hunt? - Then you need prey

Is it a riddle? - Then you need some clues

Is it a choice? - Then you need the opportunity to decide

Now, what makes you happy?

I can only guess...

It's you deciding to live your way,

It's your effort to find your space,

It's getting out of a maze,

It's purpose and arts and dreams,

It's that favorite spot, the favorite food, the favorite thing,

It's moving and growing, like a flower,

It's walking in your pace, even during stormy days,

It's nature, its family, its love,

It's a pretty selfie, a good view, a mastered hike,

It's being irreplacable, being fierce, being chaotic,

It's help, its support and receiving a gift,

It's 4 walls and independence,

It's doing the right thing at the right time and winning a match,

It's exhaustion after a great challenge,

It's daring to ask for a date, a favor or some advice

It's success and freedom and self-determination,

It's a healthy lifestyle, its clear consciousness and mindful consuming,

It's a tiny moment, a wink, a smile and compassion,

It's being me, being you, being us,

It's diversity, its tolerance and respect,

It's moving mountains, swimming in clouds and being proud,

It's the end of a story and the start of a new one.

There are 1000 ways of becoming happy

And still it might be that none of them serves you,

don´t be mad little human,

the universe is still expanding and unfolding your possibilities,

and as chaos creates our reality, it might take some time,

but I assure you,

one day you will feel the goodness in all,

and the spark inside yourself.

It will be enough to shake your body and make you humble.

Life is built around fairytales and science in equal parts, so we need to follow some facts and believe in magic.

Stardust is what we are made of, and it´s inert until we focus our energy on igniting its powers.

Keep trying and it will find its' way just as you find yours.


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