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The inside job

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

This short text represents me, not always and not forever. But in that exact moment, I wrote it, I turly felt that this is the truth and my reality and my future. And depending on where you are standing, it will give you either hope or push your further into sarcasm about this world.

I try to not publish such things directly, because I don´t want my feelings to stick to close to it. And maybe, with a little distance and reflection, you can see all the colors that one prism can cast .

All, that defines human kind, culture and society

It´s all sandcastles, believes, faith and an imaginary contract

which serves us and enslaves us

We think, we are and instead we define our boundaries.

We agree, we expect and forget that we can shape our own reality.

Once we actually see how all,

economy, religion, morality, all that drifts nations apart;

is made up by words- we can close our eyes.

Once we hear how lies can become the truth

if just enough people believe in them - we can cover our ears.

Once we speak about the unspoken,

how all trauma and pain and important lessions contain one toxic ingredient - we can stop talking.

Once we realize that inside this sandcastle it´s us,

who have the power to create space for our own need and wishes,

then comes the time we can stop staying numb and start being alive - we can open our heart.

The unconcious is our weapon to claim whats ours

- dreams and stars and ultimate powers.

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